The Magickal Battle of Hastings


English Heretic and Accumulator Press will be promoting the new edition of Antony Clayton’s memoir of Aleister Crowley’s final days at Netherwood. We are joined on the bill by Matthew Shaw and Christopher Josiffe.

English Heretic will perform Houses On The Borderland comprising the final recordings at Boleskine accompanied by molten footage filmed in the husk of
the destroyed abode on the shores of Loch Ness.

Matthew Shaw will be performing  ‘The last resort’: An imaginal sound work, channeling lost and recreated conversational fragments from Netherwood along with field recordings from the area as it sounds now.

Antony Clayton will be discussing Netherwood, the history of the last resort of Aleister Crowley.

Christopher Josiffe will be introducing us to Rollo Ahmed, the enigmatic Black Magician, Voodoo Priest, flat hunter for Aleister Crowley and yoga teacher of Dennis Wheatley. The second most notorious occultist to dwell in Hastings.

Never has the south coast sounded so beastly yet been so colourful.

Tickets are available for the very reasonable price of £6.00

Purchase your tickets here:



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