Among the Never Setting Stars

Among the Never Setting Stars is the debut lp from Dorset based artist Matthew Shaw.

Following a series of cd & cdr releases on various labels, home made art editions and a 7″ ep on sonic Oyster records.

The album contains six brand new ambient pieces.
Edition of 250 copies on ‘Galaxite Stone’ coloured vinyl.

The artwork is a painting By Brian Catling (RA) titled Transi.
The painting deals with the same theme as the lp; Life, death, and renewal moving in cycles.

“His music delves deep in Hidden Reverse traditions, incorporating specific environmental soundings of occult landscapes into beautiful drone works that advance the oracular/hallucinogenic English underground tradition.”
David Keenan

Available now from Blackest Rainbow Records

Side A

As the shadows lengthen (6:40)
Among the Never Setting Stars (7:35)
The Children of the Dawn (7:30)

Side B

Cyclic Song (4:26)
The Night is but a mile away (8:15)
Illumination (6:57)

Plus three bonus pieces available as download only with the lp
In the Dark (5:05)
Around again or (5:41)
Diamond light (5:05)


Louder Than War

Written by John Robb

Coming complete on Galaxite Stone coloured vinyl, Matthew’s Shaw’s debut album is an artful adventure into the possibilities of drone, keyboard washes and soundscape in a stunningly effective and addictive trip that combines the deep England of weather-beaten landscape, pre Christian pagan rocks, occult shapeshifting and beautiful drones that shiver deep into the ancient land that is sometimes obscured by the garish rush of modernity.

After a few years of various underground seven inches and esoteric releases this is the first true statement of intent from Shaw and captures the perfect melancholy of the dark water island we live on in big sky pieces that are built around crystalline keyboard drones and six ambient pieces reflecting the title of each piece – titles that combine to create a short piece of prose.

A truly evocative music and an oral landscape to get lost in, this album is both modern and ancient and taps into the deep and ancient vibrations of our permanently misunderstood island and its never-ending confusion and is a meditation on its true soul hidden away from the megaphone fake patriots and the worn out cynics. It’s amazing how much you can say in a couple of notes and creating atmosphere out of the electronic and ancient out of the digital this is both ambitious and in danger accidents and yet Shaw avoids all this in a mature and enticing work.

The album’s artwork continues the deep themes of the release and is a painting By Brian Catling (RA) titled Transi. The painting deals with some of the same themes, life, death, and renewal moving in cycles.

It’s a 360 trip into the heart of a very British dusk darkness and a zen trip into the soil that made us and also a compulsive and addictive listen.

The Quietus

Noel’s Foul House: 20 Hottest Hits of New Weird Britain 2018
Written by Noel Gardner

This is Matthew Shaw’s first vinyl album, a stat which belies the healthy quickness of his CDr and tape release rate beforehand. You’ll find him on neato micro imprints like Richard Youngs’ Sonic Oyster and Susan Matthews’ Siren Wire; full disclosure/no more bluffing, his music has passed me by until Among The Never Setting Stars, but it’s stunning, beatless, ecclesiastical ambience which feels like slowly losing consciousness inside an igloo. Unobtrusive ripples of piano on ‘Cyclic Song’ are about as close as these six pieces get to ‘structure’ as your reactionary old music teacher would’ve had it; otherwise Shaw specialises in misty layers of drone, occasional deep bass rumbles and a synthesised solemnity that measures up to Popul Vuh, Stars Of The Lid, the most gaseous Gas passages and Ocean Floor. Great, too, to get fresh produce from Blackest Rainbow, once a dauntingly prolific label but recently pared down to one or two releases a year.


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