Web of the Green World


Greeting the closing of the year’s cycle.
The opening of a new cycle.
Born into the dark where all life begins

A time for assessing the past.

Remembering our Ancestors from whom we have derived our present state of being,
released October 31, 2019
Written and produced by Matthew Shaw.

Cover image photograph of a Late ninth or tenth century grave marker from sandbach.

“The decoration on this coped face is bounded by an outer cable moulding and an inner plain frame. A plain central moulding runs up the length of the stone separating the ornament into pairs of arched frames which spring from the inner frame; only two such pairs survive, the arch of the lower forming the curved base of the upper. In both instances most of the left-hand panel has been cut away. Above the top of the surviving right-hand upper arch is a pellet to the right and a mask to the left.
Within the panel is a human figure, forward-facing with pear-shaped head and hunched shoulders; eyes and ears are well marked. The short arms, with knob-like hands, cross in front of the body; the body is formed by two looping strands of interlace which meet to form a triquetra at the bottom of the panel.”


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