Into The unknown


Out Now!

Into The Unknown is the first full album of songs released by Matthew Shaw using his own name, previously using the name Tex La Homa. Also in The Blue Tree with Andrew Paine, 230 Divisadero with Nick Grey & Fougou with Brian Lavelle.

Recorded throughout 2019 for a January 2020 release.

From the recent solo releases use of ambience and field recording, Into the Unknown builds on these elements. Letting song structures come through to the foreground. The songs, textures and themes bleeding into one whole, taking in Matthews solo work as well as borrowing from earlier theme, more familiar from his work as Tex la Homa.

Into the Unknown is an album about cycles, natural systems, biomimicry and connection. It brings beats, guitars and bass to a complex mix of synthesizers, vocals and hand made electronics.

Into The Unknown follows the LP Among The Never Setting Stars, released on vinyl by Blackest Rainbow in 2018.

Matthew continues to play live as a solo artist as well as collaborating with The Pop Group. New collaborations are planned for 2020 with Shirley Collins and Brian Catling, a new duo with Alexander Tucker as well as other one off collaborations and installations.


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