Spiral Galaxy


The debut LP by Spiral galaxy has just been released. I play on the first track ‘Celestial Omen’ on the album, along with other guests Makoto Kawabata, Alisha Sufit and Hands of Hydra, joing Plastic Crimewave and Sara Gossett who are Spiral Galaxy.

Traveling the spaceways as Spiral Galaxy, flautist/painter Sara Gossett and treated guitar/machines manipulator Plastic Crimewave (of Plastic Crimewave Syndicate/Galactic Zoo Dossier magazine) have created devotional sonic voyages and droney soundscapes with the occasional rhythmic pulse to conjure the textural and kosmische vibe of 70s German seekers like Yatha Sidhra, Emtidi, Popul Vuh, Achim Reichel, Sand, and early Kraftwerk. The duo have just completed their first album, expansive tracks they had been performing live on tours in the UK and Italy, plus USA events like Chicago Psych Fest, Milwaukee Psych Fest, Far Out Nashville festival, and The Feed Me Weird Things series in Iowa City.

You can order copies direct from Cardinal Fuzz, Lion Productions, LLC, distro through Light In The Attic Records

SG’s first kosmische album features special guests like Jean-herve of Faust, Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple Official, Ryley Walker, Alisha of Magic Carpet, Hands of Hydra, Taralie of Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Will of Protovulcan, Christian Luke Brady of Fargon, and Matthew Shaw.

As well as the album version I also did an early mix of ‘Celestial Omen’ that you can hear below.


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