The Sun Represents Reality

An ambient composition & field recording from primrose hill in London. The text is made up of lines from three separate talks by David Loxley, given at the autumn Equinox from 2014 – 2016.

“The sun represents reality,
Night and day are illusions,
The sun represents now,
Which is the only reality,
Learning only happens in reality in the present tense

If we plant a seed it will grow,
If we prepare the way for it,
We ask the questions of life and life provides the answers

The distribution of food, health and wealth in our society is intimately linked with the way in which we think and store our memories,
The stars shining in the sky are related to the memories in our mind

The seed will be returned back to the reality of the present tense,
And within this seed will be the power of the universe compacted into a very small space,
It will contain within it the power of millions of now’s,
Ready to unwrap themselves for a new journey next spring,
So we could ignore our animal instincts and the guilt that drives us to pretend to be human beings,
And say thank you for the opportunity to become educated by our own reflection in the mirror of life,
By our own harvest,
We can say thank you for the chance to grow into real human beings

We created the world as it is, and what it will be,
What it will become is being created now,
Understanding comes out of the humility to view something from a position of being nothing with no past,
So understanding is standing under something,
Being able to see ourselves in the present tense, with the ability to include everything and everyone,
With no ulterior motives,
There can be no guilt in the face of detached observation

We exist in the present moment,
And our behaviour is just a possession,
Healthy thoughts and feelings are self regenerative

The cycle of the sun manifests itself through the movement of past, present and future,
The sun represents the present tense,
And defines the existence of night and day by where it is, relative to where you are,
Now is unseen and unknown,
It is similar to a black hole at the centre of the universe,
It cannot be seen and there is no evidence for it’s existence

Past and future and night and day are illusions,
They are dependent upon where the sun is,
They are dependent upon where now is,
They do not really exist in reality yet there is plenty of evidence for their existence.

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