Earthing March

earth /əːθ/ verb gerund or present participle: earthing

1. connect (an electrical device) with the ground

2. drive (a fox) to its underground lair (of a fox) run to its underground lair

3. cover the root and lower stem of a plant with heaped-up earth

Earthing March was filmed in the early days of lockdown by the collaborators in their homes with their families. We were all looking out at a changed world, many had died throughout the world, many had died alone. We had explored loss and fear with Earthing February but none of us really knew what would happen next. We felt paused.

Matthew Shaw recorded “He called Her Duchess” on his Grandparent’s piano in Sandbach where he grew up. His Grandma was still alive at the time, sitting in the next room. He said “The piano is still there but very much in need of a little tender loving care, and it’s sadly a long way from me” We all wanted to reach out to one another and to nature, to reflect the beauty of the outside world while examining our emotional interiors.

The final edit of March came together as we reeled over events in America. We were lucky to be able to hold our families close, as families in the US and the UK mourned the loss of sons, fathers, mothers and daughters to racism and police brutality. We hope that the world has entered a period not only of protest, and solidarity, but of learning and the end of structural racism throughout the world. When we have love and community we can withstand pandemics, when we face our mistakes, show humility, raise our children with love to be actively anti racist, we can conquer the ugly pandemic of racism and become equal.

The Earthing project is a year long collaborative exploration in response to nature and experience. There will be a series of twelve short films. Each shot in a day during the named month, under the predominating weather conditions.

Palmer, McKinnon, Dermatopoulou & Shaw are a collective of filmmakers, performers and artists. We are influenced by nature, environmental activism, poetry, female surrealists, history, mythology, water, fire, play, storytelling and each other.

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