Atmostphere of Mona


I am delighted to announce Atmosphere of Mona, my new book, available now for pre-order from Annwyn house

​As I read this book, I was making little notes to myself, and came across a piece of paper on which I’d written…’it consoles, sustains and restores.’ Which indeed it does. – Shirley Collins

He has turned to reveal but not reversed his language. Previously he spoke through a layered sound of landscape that moved through time. Horizontal drifting, entwining and layering cloud on earth, light on wind, weather as a pulse. Drawing out history as a surface without image, so that we might understand the flow through our listening hearts. That is what Matthew Shaw does in his music. What he is known for. Now he casts individual notes as words. Verticals which he gently demands we pause to taste; seeds, pathways, gateposts and lenses. These poems hold space and breath in a Haiku of moments; the drift of the music cupped, stopping us dead in our tracks. Now the flow and ebb, which he mastered before, watches the singularity of the moment. The stand still to breath in the actual moment. The primal zen of now. – Brian Catling

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