The Blue Tree – Fell

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The Blue Tree is a collaborative project between Andrew Paine & Matthew Shaw. Their first three albums have been described as experimental excursions into far off plains of weirded out sunny summer psyche made with apps, FX pedals, sticky tape and glue.

‘Fell’ is a different beast; recorded in Glasgow and Christchurch under lockdown conditions. Drawing from numerology, oblique strategies, dystopian sci-fi, chance operations and their inherent Taurean groove, Blue Tree have channelled number stations, fragmented radio signals, cut up poetry, technically obsolete electronics, howling guitars, dark ambient synths and industrial beats to produce a weighty progressive album channeling hope through isolation and the chaos of the changing world.

Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw is a Dorset based composer, musician, and artist who has been releasing music since 2000 under his own name and as Tex La Homa.

Matthew has recently worked with Shirley Collins on her album ‘Hearts Ease’ for Domino Recordings and with Shaun Ryder & John Robb as Spectral for their release ‘Zip Zap Zoom’.

Andrew Paine
‘of extreme use for meditation, navigation and general cuntedness’ Julian Cope

Andrew Paine is a Glasgow based musician who initially broke cover collaborating with Richard Youngs in their progressive rock group project ‘ILK’.

He founded his own Sonic Oyster Records in 2006 to release much of his solo work and co-founded the progressive kraut-rock power trio, Space Weather, with Caroline McKenzie and Brian Lavelle.

Current duties extend to bass guitar with punk trio The Flexibles, with Richard Youngs and Sorley Youngs, filth merchant with Turds of the Reformation, a fully synthetic collective dedicated to Renaissance obscenity with Sybren Renema (Death Shanties), one half of The Domestiques with Kevin McCarvel (Smoke Jaguar), recently joining dark ambient forces with Jordan MacRae to form Grainer, and has formed the psych-rock band ‘Rainbow Nothing’ with legendary Chicago artist and musician, Plastic Crimewave.

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