Matthew Shaw

Earthing May

A generation should tell a next generation how beautiful she truly is”

A prayer to Hathor, from the Stela of Ipui

A fire flickers in the darkness. night breaths heat. Movement, shapes, unidentifiable. Voices cry out, night birds rage. Fragments of a body emerge, the curve of a belly, a leg, an eye. The images coalesce and become one great horned, pregnant bellied goddess. She is raw, she is triumphant, she is the height of summer’s fecundity , she is birthing the world itself. Inform yourselves. Make change. Take action for life.

Palmer, McKinnon, Dermatopoulou & Shaw are a collective of filmmakers, performers and artists. We are influenced by nature, environmental activism, poetry, female surrealists, history, mythology, water, fire, play, storytelling and each other.

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