Matthew Shaw is a Dorset based artist & poet, using landscape perception and site specific recording techniques as a compositional gateway. Each piece could only happen within the exact place, time and atmosphere it is created. Working with present tense composition and the spirit of place.16143274_886354981507609_2254872451006990186_n.jpg

….’A beautifully understated, fragile affair. Bewitching and addictive.’  The Times

These warm, melancholy undulations interfere with each chord’s gravitational pull, creating tonal fata morgana and melodies that may or may not not be there: a state similar to meditation where she is neither asleep nor awake. All said, it will take you places. Charlie Frame, The Quietus

“His music delves deep in Hidden Reverse traditions, incorporating specific environmental soundings of occult landscapes into beautiful drone works that advance the oracular/hallucinogenic English underground tradition.
Shaw conjures the ghostly afterimage of ritual songforms and reassembles them as lucid, revenant forms animating particular landscapes, as if performing some kind of historico-cultural sleight of hand, resulting in Shaw’s most beautifully puzzling evocations of a phantom ritual England”

David Keenan

“His multi-levelled music is immersive and captures the ‘genius loci’ or spirit of place with awe-inspiring sensitivity.”
Gary Cook, The Ecologist

“Haunted pastoral, all waterlogged choral hums lapping against field recordings, with gentle accoustic guitars deep underneath” Jon Dale, Uncut

“A gentleman with a firm grasp of the importance of stillness and silence in music. His beats roll in like sleepwalking tapdancers, his basslines are corpulent and cavernous and he has less a vocal style and more a bedside manner where he half- whispers at you.” NME

“Simply beautiful”  Drowned in Sound


‘A combination of shoe gazing lyricisms and reversed electronica. Like listening to radio waves from space’  Touch

….you will have a wide grin on your face, the uncluttered joy of these songs reminding why music is so important in this complicated world’  Terrascope..

….rich instrumental elements and pained vocals to tell deep and disturbing tales of regret and intrigue. Lovely.” Boomkat..

….”I really don’t think I’ve heard a current band get the shoegaze sound in all its subtlety so well- the drums are low in the mix and lazily played, the guitars lines are blurry and distorted with just a touch of melancholy, and the vocals sound like they are being whispered from some far away cloud.”  Foxy Digitalis..

….”from crisp acoustic clarity to hazy ectoplasmic murk. All deeply evocative and hallucinatory in a dreamily atmospheric way”  Dream Magazine

“It’s like buying several mind DVDs at once”, “Cosmic as fuck”, “Like the music of the heavens, if there is any” Norman Records


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