Cathoir Ghall

To mark the Summer Solstice 2019. Cathor Ghall is an old name for Stonehenge. It developed into English as the word for cathedral. For the cathedral of trees and all living beings.  

the museum of ecoacoustic phenomena

I recently contributed to the museum of ecoacoustic phenomena event. I performed a site specific piece incorporating the natural sounds present in the garden of Bournemouth Natural Science Society. An interpretation of both the gardens and exhibition. Inspired by the Egyptian 25th Dynasty mummy, containing Tahemaa. The performance featured guests Robin and Rowan Shaw. listening … Continue reading the museum of ecoacoustic phenomena

The Membranes – What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away

Today marks the release of a new LP from The Membranes. I contributed along with Chris Packham to the track WINTER (THE BEAUTY AND VIOLENCE OF NATURE). The album also features folk singer Shirley Collins, the original punk icon Jordan and Kirk Brandon from Theatre Of Hate. The album is available on LP, CD and … Continue reading The Membranes – What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away

The Pop Group with Matthew Shaw

Liberté, égalité, publicité Hot on the heels of their ‘ART PROVOCATION’ at the request of Banksy for an event at Dismaland, post-punk iconoclasts The Pop Group present a new collaboration with sound art fetishist Matthew Shaw. At Sea Change they will requisition the iconic Brutalist architecture of Dartington’s High Cross House for ‘BLOOD MONEY’, an … Continue reading The Pop Group with Matthew Shaw

Do Something For Nothing "Do Something For Nothing are four words that represent our shared human connection. When the struggles of daily life cast their shadow, it's then that hope is most important. I believe we can provide that for one another on a daily basis, with the small things we do for one another. A global community … Continue reading Do Something For Nothing