Lá Fhéile Bríde
As those pages turn
to different and distant Gods,
while thundering
through darkened tunnels,
a city of floods above

Darkness prevails yet light begins its ascent
When darkness prevails,
light begins its ascent,
the past recedes,
hope begins anew,
All is nothing,
most fertile beginning,
Let it all go,
without expectation.
(Matthew Shaw 2013)

(Venus) Libra (The Bridge)
Equinox Sun
Equal dark and light
Day and night
Venus or Eve
Ascending in Taurus

Colour, activity
And illusion
This evening time
Venus or Eve
Descending in Libra

Freedom from past
Friday, the neck,
The shoreline
Physical, desire and thought
(Matthew Shaw 2012)

Moss, Trees,
Lichen, twigs,
dead leaves, soil,
insects, birds,
the wind,
the rain and sunshine,
Bracken basks in the shade
and reaches upwards and outwards.

My vision of the horizon
broken by forest,
the silence
broken by birdsong,
space, peace and quiet
but never complete silence,
For now this is my home.
(Matthew Shaw 2010)

© Matthew Shaw 2014


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