Atmosphere of Mona

Published by Annwyn House.

In this stunning meditative piece of prose poetry, intertwined with beautiful black and white photographs, Matthew Shaw explores the relationship between self and space, effortlessly weaving profound explorations of nature, time, history, spirituality, myth and growth in his ode to the annual cycle of seasons.


Available direct from Annwyn House

Caught by the River I Foyles I Waterstones I Blackwell’s I Barnes & Noble I Strand Books


Dawn Song Rising

Dawn Song Rising is 40 minutes of ambience, composition and deep listening recorded in one session. For times of transition and change, or to be played at a low volume during everyday life.
Recorded in Oslo, Norway.

Buy here

The Blue Tree – Fell

Released by Glass records.

The Blue Tree is a collaborative project between Andrew Paine & Matthew Shaw. Their first three albums have been described as experimental excursions into far off plains of weirded out sunny summer psyche made with apps, FX pedals, sticky tape and glue.

‘Fell’ is a different beast; recorded in Glasgow and Christchurch under lockdown conditions. Drawing from numerology, oblique strategies, dystopian sci-fi, chance operations and their inherent Taurean groove, Blue Tree have channelled number stations, fragmented radio signals, cut up poetry, technically obsolete electronics, howling guitars, dark ambient synths and industrial beats to produce a weighty progressive album channeling hope through isolation and the chaos of the changing world.

Available direct from Glass Records

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