The Pop Group X Matthew Shaw To celebrate the release this week of the definitive edion of Y by The Pop Group. Originally released in 1979, Y is the unique and essential album from The Pop group. Here is a film by Matthew Shaw of a one off collaboration from this years Sea Change festival featuring collaborative re-workings from Y. … Continue reading The Pop Group X Matthew Shaw

Venus Rosalia

This Winter Solstice I present to you Venus Rosalia. On this shortest day I take myself off to the Welsh countryside of the summer, offering contrast and polarity on this day of darkness and contemplation to prepare to welcome the birth of the new sun and the returning light. Recorded in a valley beneath Moel … Continue reading Venus Rosalia

The Black Book of Caermarthen

From the region of the summer stars - The Black Book of Caermarthen On this Blood moon Ostara / Ēostre / Easter weekend including today the birthday of visionary surrealist artist Leonora Carrington I present to you the next installment of 'From the region of the summer stars'. Intended as a radio broadcast of the type I … Continue reading The Black Book of Caermarthen


Tweoxneam is a long form sound poem based on the palimpsests and toponymies of Matthew Shaw's hometown Christchurch. The mysteries of its apocryphal and actual history are soundtracked with a carefully unfolding procession of organic music and birdsong. Nature and focused obsession leading to supernature, psyche picks her geographies. The vision is very much twinned … Continue reading Tweoxneam

one may hope forever

'one may hope forever' is an improvised piece created for and performed at an event called Seers Dirge which took place in Bournemouth at SIX project space. The full length recording is available now as a 'pay what you want' download. The title itself is lifted out of context from a quote by sometime visitor … Continue reading one may hope forever