Julian Hoffman on the Irreplaceable

Field recordings of Julian Hoffman in Christchurch, Dorset. Recorded by Matthew Shaw on walks from the town centre, to the quay and across Wick meadows to the hillfort and coastline at Hengistbury Head.
Julian reflected on the lanscape, atmospheres and environments while reading from Irreplaceable.

Words and voice- Julian Hoffman
Music, field recording – Matthew Shaw
Produced by Matthew Shaw
Released 17th October 2019


Church of Ferles


“What of the body of life?
They are but a flower, a dust, a shadow that fleeth away.”


Recently I was making recordings across the south downs, around Lewes and the surrounding area of Sussex, guided through the area by Robert Marshall.
On driving through Firle I remembered reading about the ‘Garden Church’ in the village.
We stopped to take a look around. Once there I felt drawn to sit a while, to listen to the birdsong, take in the atmosphere, find a little peace.
Luckily I also had the foresight to record there.
Within the Vestry is a spectacular stained glass window by John Piper, in homage to William Blake’s Book of Job. The Tree of Life is fitting with the name of the place, it’s name once known as Church of Ferles, meaning oak tree.
I read in the church guide that the site was very probably once a druid sanctuary, later becoming a place of worship for the Saxons the Normans tand through to today.
This new piece is the result of that afternoon, among the trees and stone and the atmosphere of the Church of Oaks.

Composed and performed by Matthew Shaw.
Field recording from outside the south porch St. Peter, West Firle.
July 2019




The Pop Group – Savage Sea


At Sea Change festival earlier this year I joined The Pop Group for a one off performance at High Cross House on the Dartington estate.

Today Mute announced the re-issue and definitive of the debut  from The Pop Group ‘Y’.

The film above is of the song Savage Sea taken from our perfomance at Sea Change and heralds the release of this seminal album. The film was edited by Mark Stewart and myself.

It was filmed by Paul Newton & Milo Alexander Travers and recorded by Andrew Paine.


Here is the announcement about ‘Y’ from The Pop Group


We’re extatic to announce the 40th anniversary reissue of our debut album ‘Y’ through Mute Records on 1st November 2019

‘Y’ has been remastered & cut at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios

+ Landmark single ‘She Is Beyond Good & Evil’ on 12″
+ 10-track album of rare & unreleased material ‘Alien Blood’
+ previously unreleased album ‘Y Live’

40th Anniversary Editions
Limited Super Deluxe 4 x Inca Gold Vinyl – Signed
Limited Deluxe 4 x Black 180g Vinyl
3 x CD

Standard Formats
Y Vinyl + 12”

Pre-Order: http://smarturl.it/SIBGAE

Listen to the remastered version of ‘She Is Beyond Good & Evil’, available digitally now: https://youtu.be/T8je3rMc5i4

Watch Mark & Gareth perform ‘Savage Sea’ at this year’s Sea Change Festival: https://youtu.be/c1sVAZIkfZQ





Tipping Point

Released today is Tipping Point, a project curated by Adrian Newton, Ambrose Seddon & David Rogers.

The four pieces that make up the album were recorded live the Literary & Scientific Institute, Bridport on Saturday 6th July 2019. They a taken from a wireless headphone concert of ‘live’ ecoacoustic works that made up part of the programme from that day.

My contribution is Tipping Point 3,  an improvised work made up of natural and man made sounds from Christchurch in Dorset. It maps the territory through birdlife and streams of traffic, increasing in velocity until balance becomes lost.


the museum of ecoacoustic phenomena

I recently contributed to the museum of ecoacoustic phenomena event.

I performed a site specific piece incorporating the natural sounds present in the garden of Bournemouth Natural Science Society. An interpretation of both the gardens and exhibition. Inspired by the Egyptian 25th Dynasty mummy, containing Tahemaa. The performance featured guests Robin and Rowan Shaw.

listening to changing nature – changing the nature of listening

Museums are traditionally places of silence. Artefacts displayed in glass cases become objects solely of visual contemplation, even though sound is a central feature of our culture and society. To tell the story of modern science, we therefore need to make more of a noise. To achieve this, we focus on ecoacoustics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores the sounds made by species in human-modified and pristine environments. Ecoacoustics also lies at the interface of art and science, providing insights into how we humans are modifying the world around us, and raising awareness of our role in environmental change.

The album is available to download now here


released June 8, 2019

Recorded Sunday 5th May 2019
Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum

A Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival Commission

supported by:
Bournemouth University
Goldsmiths University of London
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